Simply Scotia


hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a directional post here on this page.  I don’t want to say “last”, as it seems so final and I’m not ready to release this blog just yet.  🙂

However, that being said, I’ve been 5 months now on my new blog and have written over 40 new posts so I do feel I have made the transition.  I am loving writing about our new place, Nova Scotia, while still holding onto the old love of Scotland and writing a bit also about Ireland.

Please drop by Simply Scotia and check out the recipes, (hopefully) useful information on knitting, trains, Cape Breton Island, wonderful places to visit in Scotland and Ireland.  If you are wondering about the name of my new blog, come and have a read on my blog post, dated back in January 2016, where I explain the thought process that went into naming it.



A New Start



A little while ago, I wrote this post “Winds of Change” and I finally have a peace about beginning something new.

This is harder than I thought it was going to be.

I wanted to bring Scotland, Ireland and Nova Scotia under one blog and I also was hoping to create something where I could write a little freer about my life.  I wanted to change my focus from strictly writing about travel to writing about all of the things I like to write about.  I wanted somewhere to be more expressive about who I am.

So I have begun a new blog “Simply Scotia“.  I hope you like it.

I will keep Journeys to Scotland going for a while but I will be transitioning over to Simply Scotia within the next couple of months.

I have loved writing this blog and more than the writing, I have so enjoyed visiting with you, my blog friends.  I hope you will come with me on my new adventure and we can continue our conversations.  Thank you so incredibly much for all the encouragement, kind words and affirmation you have all given me on Journeys to Scotland over the years.



Happy New Year!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoast to Coast … from West to East.  2015 has been quite a year. It’s strange to think we arrived here in the summer and now there is snow on the ground. So much stretching and learning this year. Leaving the familiar and growing into our lives here, it has been uncomfortable at times, exhausting definitely (especially re-arranging all of our belongings here in our new house) and yet growing to love our new place.

I wish you all a very Happy Year and best wishes for 2016!




Rooftops and Chimney Pots

These delightful cards are made by Ann of Brookwood Letters.

Here are the details:

6 different card designs

Cards are approx. 9.5 cms square and are left blank inside

Each box has the same selection of 6 cards and envelopes (as shown on the back of the box)

Each box has a different card picture printed on each box

They sell in the Gallery in Ullapool for £12 for a box


She is hoping to increase her stock in 2016 so be sure to check back next year!