Aberdour Castle


Aberdour Castle was a residence for three noble families – the Mortimers, Randolphs and Douglases – over a period of 500 years.  It was built at first for a show of strength and for security but it became a beautiful home with gardens and grounds surrounding it. 

It’s thought to possibly be the oldest standing masonry castle in Scotland and it dates back to 1150.  Its splayed base course and clasping angle-buttresses at the corners of the two-storey hall-house are evidence of Norman masonry and in the 15th century, the 12th-century hall-house was heightened and converted into a more typical Scottish tower-house.  The buildings now overlook walled and terraced gardens and parkland to the east and the south. 

It can be found 8 miles east of the Forth bridges on the A921.

On July  25th, 2010, come to the castle and return to the summer of 1563 and the arrival of Mary, Queen of Scots and her half-brother Lord James Stewart, Earl of Moray to meet with her new Chancellor, Lord James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton.  There will be archery and weaponry shows and even a catwalk fashion show – 16th century style.

The programme includes the Royal arrival of Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord James Stewart; the Royal archery skills; French fashion and finery in 16th century Scotland; weaponry demonstrations; 16th century cosmetics; sword fencing and duelling and a guide to surgery and equipment of that era.

Well, I was going to add some photos but my computer is being a bit bananas and it won’t let me get at them.  I thought this was a cool thing to go to and thought I’d share it … sorry there’s no pictures.  you can find out more at http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/propertyresults/propertyoverview.htm?PropID=PL_001&PropName=Aberdour


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