Some favorite photos

i’m so excited that my pictures are working again.  i had some kind of glitch that wouldn’t let me load them on the last post.  as a result, i am going to put up some photos that are my favorite Scottish ones.   this has been a collection over years and i can’t remember where i got them all, so my apologies to those whom i have borrowed off here.

Glasgow Sky

i love the sky in Scotland.  probably sounds crazy to those who live there but i really do.  i think my favorite sky was when i was in the Inverness/Black Isle area; it was fantastic!  i took some pictures but they really don’t do justice to it.

Scotland in Winter

this reminds me of when we lived in the Lanark/Biggar area.  we stayed at a cottage that had a path like this going up to the farmhouse, where we’d go to daily get our mail.  it was february ’87 and it was a cold winter.  we’d rented the cottage, thinking it would be a cute place in the country but were soon proven wrong and we ended up moving in with some friends to get some heat.  it was one of those places where you had to get the coal fire going just to get hot water and where everything was damp.

Perth at Night

Perth is special place for me because we have some good friends there and i have some great memories of being there.


i don’t need to say much about this.  it’s just beautiful and again .. the sky.  the dog is pretty nice too and the whole idea of man and his dog. 


this reminds me of one of my very favorite movies … Dear Frankie.  when the characters in the movie sit up on the hill and look out on this view, it looks kind of like this.  Gerard Butler is one of my favs and there are so many good actors/actresses in that movie.

that’s it for now! i hope you enjoy these.


Looking forward to hearing from you

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