Things I’d like to do

August is almost upon us and as usual, i begin to get the emails through about the festivals in Edinburgh.  i get the emails because i am a bit pathetic and live vicariously through the information and updates sent to me.

when i received the signup from this morning to get their daily festival guide,  i was reminded afresh of how i would love to be in Edinburgh some August.  any time i have been there, it’s been in the spring or late August/early September, which is very beautiful but i’d love to experience the festival season.

i have always fancied going to the Edinburgh Book Festival …. i get overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about being there with all those authors and books.  It takes place “every August in a leafy Georgian garden in Scotland’s beautiful capital city” and features hundreds of authors. 

Ian Rankin

i also peeked on the Tattoo site this morning and saw the note that half-price tickets are available for August 5th … i almost wept with regret that i am not on the ground there.  for those of you that are, the link is


For more information on the Edinburgh Festivals, which not only include the Book Festival but many others, check out the website


Looking forward to hearing from you

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