The Three Chimneys



hi there .. i have been away for a bit of a holiday and was very grateful for the break away from the daily routine.  we had a wonderful rest.

i came across this fabulous looking restaurant and hotel as i was checking through my emails.  it looks idyllic and being in the mindset of appreciating rest, i thought i’d share it on my blog.

The Three Chimneys Restaurant is situated in an original crofter’s cottage, built around 100 years ago, on the Isle of Skye.  With three smaller dining areas on the ground floor, it provides a cozy atmosphere whereas the spacious bedroom suites in The House Over-By were built only nine years ago.


The Restaurant has been in business for 26 years (as of  October this year) under the ownership of Shirley and Eddie Spear.  In 1984, they moved from Croydon, South London to the Isle of Skye.  Shirley was an exiled Scot, working in London where she met and married Eddie.  They dreamt of owning a small bistro, specialising in rustic Scottish dishes and when they discovered The Three Chimneys was for sale, they felt it was the perfect location.

The owners feel their success is due mainly to local produce, such as fresh fish and shellfish taken from the waters close by.  Head chef Michael Smith says, “Scottish produce is undoubtedly the best in the world and we’re surrounded on the Isle of Skye by all of that, literally on our doorstep. In the summertime we can get almost 100% local produce. We always represent all the local shellfish, meat, lamb, oysters, prawns – everything we can we will try to get on the menu that day for service.”


Breakfast is served in the Morning Room in The House Over-By with panoramic views over Loch Dunvegan and the mountains of the Outer Hebrides.  There are six junior suites in the new building and each has an open seaview and a different color scheme.  Visitors are welcome to use the sitting areas in The House Over-by before and after dinner.  They can sit and order a drink, read the papers or books available or they can simply relax and take in the view.


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