When I found this band, I was over the moon.   Their music feeds my Celtic soul .. it’s my happy place music.  They are playing this week at Piping Live!, Glasgow’s International Piping Festival.

From their homeland roots of Argyll in the highlands of Scotland, the band has been credited with inspiring the revival of traditional Celtic music.  They first recorded in 1984 and since then have toured in 30 countries, released 10 award-winning albums, performed and appeared in a movie and had the first Gaelic Top 40 single.

Capercaillie includes some of the finest musicians on the scene, including the amazing voice of Karen Matheson. She has been called ‘the finest Gaelic singer alive today’ and most of the material recorded by the band she learned as a child from her grandmother on the Hebridean island of Barra.

The title of their most recent album – ‘Roses and Tears’ features many newly discovered traditional songs sourced from the Gaelic song archive at the School of Scottish Studies,along with self-penned material.  It reaffirms their roots and the music they inherited growing up in Scotland and Ireland


Looking forward to hearing from you

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