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I don’t mean to be rushing things a little but the weather today reminded me of how much I love the autumn, especially those last few days of August and the month of September.  It puts me in mind of returning to school as a girl and feeling the crispness of September in the air.

Rosamunde Pilcher



I was reminded of one of my favorite books by Rosamunde Pilcher, aptly named “September” and I have unearthed it out of my bookshelf, in order to share a paragraph or two with you.

“Born and bred in Scotland, she experienced each year this lifting of the spirits as August slipped away, off the calendar, and one could stop pretending that it was summer. … too frequently the months of June, July, and August were nothing but a long and soggy endurance test of frustration and disappointment…. The first snap of frost was actually welcome, and she was able to put away her cotton skirts and shirts with some satisfaction and revert once more to friendly old tweeds and Shetland pullovers. …. Those first light frosts cleared the air, so that the colors of the countryside took on a stronger and richer hue.  The deep blue of the skies was reflected in loch and river, and with the harvest safely in, the fields stood golden with stubble.  Harebells grew in wayside ditches, and the scented heather, coming into full bloom, stained the hills with purple.”  (September paperback, pages 192-3).

 I know some people get sad to see the leaves falling off the trees and to have summer ending but I love the vitality of September.  For me, it’s as if the sleepiness of summer has lifted and the world comes alive again.

I’d definitely recommend Rosamunde Pilcher’s book.  It’s a beautifully written book, full of homecomings and heartbreaks, friendships and forgiveness. 


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