A few of my favorite things


This morning I went looking for my Vaseline lip therapy as the weather is getting cooler and I can think of nothing nicer for my weather-beaten lips than opening my little green and white tin and giving them a nice dose of the lovely Vaseline.  It reminded me of other things I have got in Scotland and which are very decent memories. 

A random post I know but I thought I would share a few of my favorite Scottish things with you.   These are not so much the twee Scottish touristy type stuff but more what I like to eat and buy when I’m in Scotland.

I tried to blow this image up as much as possible to signify the importance of it but this was as big as it got.  Galaxy chocolate is just really amazing … absolutely fantastic!


This is got to be in my top 10 … might seem a bit mundane to someone who lives there but I always have to have a tasty, warm sausage roll in a little thin white paper bag from one of the bakeries dotted along the town’s main street.  at least one … I think they are absolutely wonderful.   The picture of the bakery is Campbell’s Bakery in Crieff, which looks familiar and I think that’s where I bought my sausage rolls last time I was through there.  and a sausage roll is not complete without the accompaniment the lovely orangeness of Irn-bru.



So these are a few of my favorite things from Scotland … feel free to comment and let me know what you enjoy when in Scotland.


2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. OK so I haven’t technically been to Scotland yet although I am 1/4 Scottish BUT hopefully you’ll let me vote for my favourite anyways . . . Galaxy chocolate hands down!! I have a few friends from out that away and they usually bring me back a bar or mega bar of that delectable stuff!! Thanks for reminding me how much I like that!

  2. I must be Scottish at heart and although I have not yet been, I can certainly identify with your list of favorite things! Galaxy chocolate is very blessed and yes with the turn in season (beautiful autumn 🙂 ), I’m reaching for the same Vaseline Lip Therapy. A nice read – as always!

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