Auchtermuchty Church


I remember hearing church bells as a child and one of my fondest recollections is the peal of the bells on Christmas morning.  It gave me a sense of well-being and feeling of celebration. (The picture of Auchtermuchty Church was not the church I grew up in.  I picked it because it has a nice-looking bell tower and it’s in Scotland.  The bells from this church are shown below.)

Here is a poem written in a book “The Christmas Bells: a tale of holy tide: and other poems” (1841) by John Walker Brown:

The Christmas Bells 

The bells – the bells – the Christmas bells,

How merrily they ring!

As if they felt the joy they tell

To every human thing.

The silvery tones, o’er vale and hill,

Are swelling soft and clear,

As, wave on wave, the tide of sound

Fills the bright atmosphere.

The bells – the merry Christmas bells,

They’re ringing in the morn!

They ring, when in the eastern sky

The golden light is born;

They ring, as sunshine tips the hills,

And gilds the village spire –

When, through the sky, the sovereign sun

Rolls his full orb of fire.

The Christmas bells – the Christmas bells,

How merrily they ring!

To weary hearts a pulse of joy,

A kindlier life they bring.

The poor man on his couch of straw,

The rich, on downy bed,

Hail the glad sounds, as voices sweet

Of angels overhead.

The bells – the silvery Christmas bells,

O’er many a mile they sound!

And household tones are answering them

In thousand homes around.

Voices of childhood, blithe and shrill,

With youth’s strong accents blend,

And manhood’s deep and earnest tones

With woman’s praise ascend.

The bells – the solemn Christmas bells,

They’re calling us to prayer;

And hark, the voice of worshippers

Floats on the morning air.

Anthems of noblest praise there’ll be,

And glorious hymns to-day,

TE DEUMS loud – and GLORIAS;

Come, to the church – away.


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