Haggis Hunting

okay, this is a little out there but i have played this for three or four years now and it’s become a bit of a tradition. 

the Haggis Hunt put on by the Scotsman newspaper is a lot of fun and you can win lots of lovely prizes.  right well, i’ve never actually won anything but lots of other lucky people have.

here are the rules:

It is easy to hunt the haggis. Simply browse through our ten haggis-cams located in various parts of our beautiful country (and in London and New York for the benefit of the haggis diaspora).

If you see a haggis, click on the “I saw a haggis” link displayed under the cam.

This generates a letter to our ghillie, Farquhar Farquharson, who will then check the time and place of your sighting. If it’s genuine he will enter your details into our prize draw. If you saw a golden haggis your sighting will be entered into our grand prize draw.

so, the website is http://haggishunt.scotsman.com/ and the fun and excitement all begins on St. Andrew’s Day, which is next Tuesday.  good times!

here’s the grand prize:  a two night luxury break at the Gleneagles® Hotel including breakfast and use of the fantastic leisure facilities at The Club.  oo .. ah!  there’s also Scotsman calendars and other prizes with the little haggis fella on mugs and t-shirts to be won.

let the games begin!


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