Sheila Fleet

Skara Shard
Sheila Fleet is an Orkney jewellery designer who has a passion for the environment where she lives.  She creates original designs reflecting the natural beauty around her and Orkney’s history and folklore inspire her jewellery.
Following graduation from Edinburgh College of Art, Sheila worked for 26 years as a designer and throughout her career, she has won many awards in Britain and Europe.  In 1993, she set up on her own and she now has her website
Her designs promote a distinctly Northern style … you could even say with a Scandinavian influence as the Orkney Islands have been linked historically and geographically.
There is a list of shops where you can buy Sheila’s work on her website.  I think her work is beautiful and is a heartfelt response to the sea, sky and surrounding landscape.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  Birsay Disc
Primula Scotica
Book of Kells
Sands of Time

Looking forward to hearing from you

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