Top 5 Places


hi there, this is a bit random but I am wondering if you have a top 5 places in Scotland that would amazing for other people to see.  it doesn’t have to be in order of preference and it doesn’t have to be 5 exactly, it can be more or less.

lol … it’s probably no suprise that Stirling Castle is in my top 5.  also Urquhart Castle … okay, i can’t do any more castles or i’ll use up my 5 places in one go.  right, well Clava Cairns .. a little heavy on the atmosphere but you feel transported back in time there.  my last two would have to be Perth and Pitlochry.  Dunkeld, Lanark, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Glasgow, Lunan Bay … I can’t stop.

I am looking for the obvious places and the not so obvious places.  I know that Scotland is full of hidden treasures, many of which i have never been to.


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Places

  1. HI a few of my faves are – Dunnottar Castle, Corgarff Castle, Crovie, Gardenstown & Old Aberdeen..there are many more but these are my faves…& Callendar!!!!

    1. thanks for giving me your favorites. it’s amazing how often the Islands get mentioned by people when I ask this question … I will have to make to one of them some day. I love to find new places to go and I’ve only been to the Trossachs from your list so I am excited to do some research and find out about the others.

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