Cheese and a movie

so, i had my heart set on writing about this lovely cheese company close to Inverness and i had it all ready to go and then i realized that i’d already written about back a while ago.   so if you still want to read about it or want to read about it again, you can find it at  it’s about this wonderful place called the Connage Dairy Farm and they make the most lovely cheese.  i’ve only had a chance to look at it but i’d like to go there some day and have a taste myself.  they have won a lot of awards, such as the Best Scottish Cheese and Best Traditional British Cheese in 2010 for their Cottage Dunlop.

i now felt i needed to make some kind of amends for not writing about the cheese a second time, so i went on Historic Scotland TV’s youtube and found this short promotional video on West Lothian. I thought it was quite good and so i thought i’d pass it on.  it does say at the end that it’s “Scotland’s best kept secret”, which may be how the locals feel but i think it is probably taking a bit of liberty there.  however, that being said, i still think it’s a great clip that shows the variety of attractions and lots of good reasons to visit West Lothian.


Looking forward to hearing from you

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