Year of Scotland’s Islands

Right, so I am off and running.  Got the travel books out of the library and am making lots of notes.  Everywhere I turn, I am reminded of the Scottish islands and it seems this is where I could be headed this year.  So, with that in mind, I am about to begin learning more about them, as I have never been to even one.

As I began to google the Islands, I came across this page  Apparently, this is the Year of Scotland’s Islands, celebrating all that’s great about Scotland’s islands. It involves and celebrates the people of all the 99 inhabited islands, from Arran and Cambray in the south to the Uists, Harris and Lewis in the west and on to Orkney and Shetland in the north.  That is very exciting for me, as there are a number of festivals and events happening.

Interesting timing.

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5 thoughts on “Year of Scotland’s Islands

  1. Hi ajb! Goodness me, I hadn’t heard of this at all – had to find out about it on your blog. We love going to the islands in Scotland. We go to Harris most years for a week, and have been the length of the Outer Hebrides. We also have friends on Islay and have stayed on Jura and visited Colonsay. And we’ve been to Mull but would like to go back and explore more. I would love to go to the Northern Isles (especially Fair Isle, for the knitting!), and also to Arran which is said to include all the landscapes of Scotland on one island.

    Do you know the work of Mairi Hedderwick at all? She is an artist and writer, and has painted and written about the islands of Scotland. She’s also the author and illustrator of the wonderful Katie Morag books for children. They are set on a mythical island that’s actually based on Coll – another island I’d love to go to. Katie Morag’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. McColl!

    1. ah Christine, you have just made my day. i love the enthusiasm in your comment and i am getting more and more excited at the possibility of this becoming a reality. obviously, i will need to be speaking to you about places to visit and see as you have lots of experience there. I don’t know Mairi H. but will definitely look her up. thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. Hey ajb 🙂 You haven’t been to the islands yet? You are in for a real treat!

    If you plan on making it to Mull please get in touch – – as my cottage would always be open for you to stay. It’s only small (2 bedrooms and a sofa bed) but would make a great base and I would be more than happy to show you around the island – I LOVE living here and it’s always nice to get the chance to share all it has to offer with others!

    Best wishes,


    1. absolutely brilliant! thanks so much …. it would be great to get to Mull and see you. i’ll keep you posted.
      no, i have never been to any of the islands so i am totally in the dark as to where to start. if you have some suggestions, i’d love to hear them. thanks!!!

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