Iain J. Mellis Cheesemongers


Top Secret Glasgow says, “Arriving in Kelvinbridge in the mid-1990s, I J Mellis Cheesemonger has made a good name for itself as the best wee shop in Glasgow for all quality cheese purchases.  Sourcing locally from across the UK, and laying before us a well thought out range of goodies to complement their striking choices of hard, soft and blue cheeses, all from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk, they impress every time.  Staff are friendly and very well trained, asking shoppers to sample before they buy, and offering advice whenever you want it.  Altogether, Mellis Cheese gives us a chance to shop and have fun at the same time.” (http://www.topsecretglasgow.com/i-j-mellis-cheesemonger-1.html)

Taste of Scotland comments that Scotland’s climate and geography provide great conditions for making cheese.  Traditionally, there is an abundance of  hard cheeses in Scotland because of its ability to be stored through the winter; however, modern manufacturing techniques have allowed for new cheeses, including soft brie and dolcelatte styles.  A huge revival of traditional farmhouse cheese and newer versions has emerged over the last two decades in Europe and elsewhere.  Iain Mellis of Mellis Cheese has been quoted as saying, “There’s a growing awareness of Scottish cheeses abroad and the ‘Taste of Scotland’ brand is very strong, especially in North America. Not a huge amount of Scottish cheese has been exported but that may well change in the future.” (http://www.taste-of-scotland.com/cheese.html).



Mellis Cheesemongers not only sell cheese but also bread (baguettes, tartlets), biscuits (oatcakes), olives, antipasto, chutneys and pickles (beetroot, dill, pumpkin, chili), vinegars and oils (balsamic, red wine, olive oil), butters, bacon, ham, sausages, salami, fruit and veg, coffee, fish, baking, honey,  jams and pasta.

Here are some of the cheeses they offer:

Anster cheese is “a crumbly-textured, lemony-flavoured cheese not entirely unlike Wenslydale except that this is made from Scottish milk from a herd of Holstein Friesian cows fed on lush Fife pastures.”

Dunsyre Blue cheese is one of Scotland’s best known cheeses.  Matured for 12 weeks, it creates a mellow, creamy taste.

There are so many cheeses that I can’t describe them all here but they look absolutely delicious.  They not only have Scottish cheeses but there are also imports from Europe, Ireland and England.  You can find out more about them on the website http://www.mellischeese.co.uk/MellisHome.asp and they have locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and Aberdeen.

I came across these delightful cheese shops through another blog http://lindamphotos.wordpress.com/ and then, to my surprise, I found out that Mellis Cheese also has a blog on wordpress!  So, if you’d like to follow their blog, it can be found at http://mellischeeseblog.wordpress.com/ or you can click both the sites for Mellis Cheese and Linda’s photography from my blog under “Scotland”.


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