a book

okay, so call me crazy but i’m thinking of writing a book.   my friend just wrote a great non-fiction book on nutrition and kids.  i went to the promotion of her book at a big book store on the weekend and she is always such a huge encouragement to me.  it was a dream of hers for years and finally last year, it all came together.  i am thrilled for her. 

a dream of mine has also been to write a book.  at first, i pictured writing a Maeve Binchey type of book  …. you know, a people kind of book, but i don’t really feel ready for that just quite yet.    i’ve always imagined writing something like a historical novel with people living in the highlands of Scotland and so on …. not quite as vast as Diane Gabaldon but something on a smaller scale.  however, i don’t know how conducive my life really is to writing fiction … it seems to me like i’d need a fair bit of uninterrupted time and my life is not really in that space just yet.

however, i’ve been blogging and discovering so many fascinating places to stay and visit, that i have been giving some thought to bouncing off that and writing a travel book.  maybe not just yet but it’s boucing around like a little ping pong ball in my head.  my friend is willing to help walk me through it and she didn’t spend a vast amount of money producing her book, which has always been one of my concerns … the cost.  she is encouraging me to start the process and put some thoughts down on paper … get the ball rolling, so to speak.


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