Stirling Castle in March

For those of you in Scotland, now is a wonderful time to visit Stirling Castle.  Admission prices are down and there are number of events happening this month.  This is a snippet from the Stirling Castle blog:

“We have costumed interpreters staging small-scale activities and performances, between 11am and 3.30pm, which let people glimpse castle life in the 16th century. This coming Saturday and Sunday (March 12 and 13) it’s Mortar, Frost and Stonemasons, a chance to discover what it was like to be a stonemason building James V’s new palace in 1540. The following weekend (March 19 and 20) you can meet Lady Janet Fleming and one of the maids of the inner chamber. Maids and Mistresses explores the influence of women at Stirling Castle in the royal court of Mary of Guise. The event will also look at court dress and daily life. On March 26 and 27 there’s The Lion and the Unicorn when Sir David Lindsey of the Mount, senior court herald, introduces the ins and outs of Scottish royal etiquette. Wands and tabards will be in abundance – but you might need big lungs to largesse.

Until April 1 the entry price is £7 (down from £9) for adults, £5.50 (down from £7.20) and children £4 (down from £4.50) due to the refurbishment of the shops and the exhibition in the Queen Anne Casemates. The Unicorn Café has now reopened after extensive improvements – a new bakery has opened and provides a daily supply of freshly made cakes and tray bakes.”


6 thoughts on “Stirling Castle in March

  1. this really is an extraordinary blog. The work you have done is not only informative and educational – it really shows your love of Scotland. I mean, I actually would love to go – and it’s not a tropical country – that’s pretty amazing. I hope I find something that brings me as much joy as this does for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello – The blog is beautiful. i really like the styling. Stirling Castle is indeed a great day out at the best of times. The man that is doing a lot of the woodcarving in the restoration is my old P.E. teacher!
    If you are ever in Edinburgh – the K1 knitting boutique just down from Mellis’s cheese shop is the place to find that pattern. i looked online, but couldn’t see it anywhere else.

    1. cheers, thanks Jacqui. i will keep the wool shop and the cheese shop on my radar when next in Edinburgh .. hopefully before not too long! That is amazing that the woodcarving fella is your old PE teacher … it’s a small world. 🙂

  3. Like the other commenters, I wanted to say how wonderful your blog is, even for someone who is lucky to live in Scotland. I haven’t been to Stirling Castle for quite a few years but it really is great, and I’m happy to hear that so much is going on there.

    1. och cheers, Christine. that is really lovely. i’m glad i ventured out a year ago and now have met some kindred spirits, as Anne Shirley would say, and some really nice people. it also has given me a voice to express my passion for Scotland. i hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. i’ve been reading about the snow coming again over there. brrrr.

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