Pebble Heart

Today I experienced one of those fantastic surprises in that I won something!  In fact, I made it out of a draw for one of the beautiful pots above, created by Pebble Heart.  The draw was made by my fellow blogger Scotland4thesenses and I love getting presents in the mail so I am very excited!  Thank you so much … big shout out … to both Scotland4thesenses  and Pebble Heart.

Here are some highlights of the delicate gifts on Pebble Heart’s website:


A ring:

Some chokers:

If you are interested in buying anything here or seeing what else Tracey has to offer, please see Pebble Heart’s website.


5 thoughts on “Pebble Heart

  1. Just beautiful and a lot of fun to make! My daughter actually the tartan flowers as you’ve tagged them. She used construction paper versus the orgami paper, but once they were painted and the personal touch added – they were absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing additional ideas!

  2. Your wee flower pot left today and will be flying across the sea very soon. WooHoo! Let me know when it lands. I’m sure you’ll love it. 🙂

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