Isle of Ulva

I was reading about the Isle of Mull and I came across this bit of information about Ulva, a small island to the west of Mull and worth a day trip.

My favorite quote has to be on how to get the ferry across from Mull to Ulva … “To summon the Ferry: When you arrive at Ulva Ferry, you will find a notice. To summon the ferry, uncover the red panel. Cover the red panel as the boat approaches.” Class!

Some ideas of what to do when you get to the Island are to go for a walk, check out Sheila’s Cottage (a restored cottage showing what it was like a long time ago) or have a lovely local meal at the Boathouse.

There are a number of walks you can take including a one hour farm circuit or a 6-mile walk from the ferry to Ormaig. The Boathouse is run by Emma Mckie and Rebecca Munro and they serve local shellfish, including Ulva Soriby Bay oysters, prawns and lobsters.


4 thoughts on “Isle of Ulva

  1. 2 beautiful places! Just let me know when you plan to come to Mull, I’d be happy to show you around etc and Ulva is just a very short trip from here 🙂

    1. you are very kind. I really appreciate that and will keep it in mind. I think part of the draw is that a good friend of mine just passed away and he was a Mclean so I’m thinking I’m wanting to visit Duart Castle. Mull looks like such a beautiful tranquil place to be and I’m fascinated by the colors of Tobermory. I would love to come. I have been to Oban before … I can’t believe I was so close and never thought to go over.

  2. I can’t leave a comment on your new post… that film of Isle of Mull, but I wanted to thank you for it. I was there in 2004 and fell in love with isle of Mull. I got tears in my eyes watching the film and saw many things that I remembered. I hope to visit Mull real soon, can’t wait !!

    1. oh, i am glad you liked it. it really looks like an amazing place. thanks for letting me know that you liked it so much and i hope you get to go again really soon.

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