Judith Bridgland

This is a great video in which landscape artist Judith Bridgland speaks about her work and where she works. She is part of Wasps Studios, which provides affordable working space for up to 750 artists in 17 buildings around Scotland. I have written a couple of posts about the Briggait in Glasgow that was renovated and is used by Wasps as part of their scheme. The building Judith works out of is also in Glasgow but it was originally an old tobacco factory that was re-done in 2001 to become Wasps biggest studio space. The Hanson Street Studios are located at 77 Hanson Street and have a lovely cafe in it, as is shown in the clip.


4 thoughts on “Judith Bridgland

  1. ajb, thank you for that wonderful video! It was so interesting to hear her talk about the characteristics of contemporary Scottish landscape painting. And the WASPS centre looks like a great place to go for a cuppa – I will add that to my Glasgow wish list!

    I also have Mull on my wish list of places to go in Scotland. We visited Tobermory for a day trip from Ardnamurchan once, and there were dolphins accompanying us across. I’d love to go back – Mull has a great reputation as being full of interesting things. Including Ulva, obviously!

    1. i thought her comments about the bright colors and the temperament of Scottish artists was interesting. She paints beautifully and i agree, the centre looks like a great place to have a cup of tea. Mull sounds like a wonderful place to visit. 🙂

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