My week

hi there, it’s been a crazy busy week and i am sorry for not keeping up with my blog. i don’t do crazy busy very well and tomorrow will be another day of “a lot going on”. hopefully i will get a chance to write a bit on Sunday.

i would like to put up some nice pictures, just to be a bit cheerful. these are a few of my favorite things, as they say in the Sound of Music.

i’m presently reading a children’s book by Enid Blyton, one i remember reading as a child …. “The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage”. i saw it at the library recently and i’m all for simplicity in my life right now so i borrowed it.

i enjoy a good movie. i wouldn’t say i am an avid movie watcher, i’m actually quite fussy, but i do have my favorites and the King’s Speech is one of them.

i enjoy a nice cheese and crackers, in true Wallace and Grommit style, with my movie.

flowers are very lovely. i always appreciate the beauty of flowers, especially when i receive them as a present.

well, tomorrow is another day and sleep is calling me. i will be back blogging here soon. 🙂


Looking forward to hearing from you

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