A news update from the National Trust For Scotland:

A new look for 2014

The Battle of Bannockburn project is an exciting partnership between the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government and the Heritage Lottery Fund.
An innovative new visitor centre and sensitive landscaping will change the way visitors experience Bannockburn, making it a truly world-class site for this defining moment in Scotland’s history.

The building
A bold new design, inspired by traditional Scottish buildings, by Reiach and Hall Architects.

The landscape
Sight lines to the commemorative monuments will be restored, giving Bannockburn back to the people. Landscaping works will restore the dignity of the site and evoke a traditional parkland feel.

The experience
700 years after the famous Scots victory in 1314, come face to face with medieval battle. An immersive, cutting edge 3D experience allows visitors to experience medieval warfare like never before. Discover how the tactics and decisions of two kings inspired the events that would shape history and Scotland, forever.

Join the Battle online!
In the lead up to 2014 there will be updates and exclusive content online and an exciting Battle of Bannockburn website will be launching in 2012. In the meantime, be sure to get the latest news or contact us with your queries.

Visit the Bannockburn webpage to find out about visiting this iconic battlefield.

Prepare for battle in 2014.



For more information, see the NTS website.


2 thoughts on “Bannockburn

  1. I have to say I’ve never really understood why people get excited about battlefields. It just makes me so sad. I did visit Culloden years ago (before the swish new visitor centre) and the vibes felt pretty strong to me. My Gaelic teacher told us a story about a French tourist taking a stone from a cairn at Culloden as a souvenir, not knowing that moving sacred stones is taboo in Scotland. All sorts of terrible things happened to his family in the weeks following and he finally posted the stone back! Who knows….

    1. valid point about the battlefields, Christine. i remember being at Culloden and sensing sadness there. interesting story about the French tourist.

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