A new year

it’s lovely to be back.  computer is all sorted now and i have a new laptop on the go.  still figuring out all the bells and whistles but wanted to share this beautiful short clip from VisitScotland.



5 thoughts on “A new year

  1. Wow – I’m always surprised at how your blog postings make me want to go to Scotland. Now I know I can’t go this year, but if I were to consider a trip – what is the best time to go? It is stereotyping to imagine there is a lot of grey and rain – because I’d prefer to miss that 🙂 I would love love to see readings and theatre outdoors, and the northern lights look amazing. So much beauty and culture.

    1. thanks, KW! that is totally one of the reasons I write … to share the goodness of Scotland with others. I am so happy you like it. I like to go to Scotland in April/May but any time is good really. I think you would like the summer when it’s usually a bit warmer and there are lots of fun festivals to go to.

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