Downhill cycling on Isle of Arran

In February, there are some fun activities organized on the Scottish Islands and I came across something called the Arran Bike Club Night Ride on February 2nd.

Riding for about 3 hours, beginning at 5:30, the mountain bikes go off-road on forest tracks and single tracks.  Anyone is welcome and if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one from Arran Adventure Company.

The information says, “Night riding is very exciting but you do need some hi-viz clothing and good bright lights as most of the rides take place off road in some very dark places!”  Ah.  Bright lights and high visibility clothing.   Wise move, I’m thinking.

I’m not really one for cycling myself but I found the scenery pretty amazing on this youtube clip.



4 thoughts on “Downhill cycling on Isle of Arran

    1. I totally see your point. The cyclists make it look easy and then I catch a glimpse of a big stone in the middle of the path and I think maybe it’s not so easy. 😉

  1. Rats – I missed it! It would be a riot to do this, and I would so do it even with the knowledge that I would have a LOT of scrapes and bruises on me by the end.

    1. you know, i think it looks like fun too! i am not a cyclist and i know you are but i think i would like this. okay, you and me, let’s do this some time.

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