On-line survey from Mackie’s


For those of you who love Mackie’s, they have just come out with 4 new ice cream flavors that will be in shops soon.

They are also asking for some input from you, the customer, on some new branding for Mackie’s:

“We have been looking out for some other new Mackie’s products and have asked Gillian Kyle (gilliankyle.com) to create a new design. We love the way she uses her quirky design in celebration of Scottish culture and nostalgia. Please help us decide which product to make – please vote on whether to make a mug, jug, apron or towel etc in our online survey. We will send 20 respondents one of the new products – whatever you choose!”

I first heard of Gillian Kyle’s work from my friend Christine on Writing from Scotland and I was impressed with Gillian’s range of products.  She is a Scottish textiles designer and the creative director of Gillian Kyle Ltd, making textiles in the designs of some of Scotland’s most iconic foods.  Definitely worth a peek at her line.

(if you are having trouble with the link to the survey, please let me know and I’ll send it another way.  thanks!)


2 thoughts on “On-line survey from Mackie’s

    1. Yvon … me too! I was tempted to pick the milk jug because that would have been really nice but I’m trying to get used to bringing my own bag with me for shopping so I thought that was a good choice.

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