Highland Soap Co.

a brief diversion from my trip to Scotland but somewhat related.  I just found this soap company that I’d like to learn more about.

more about my trip to come!



5 thoughts on “Highland Soap Co.

  1. Is that shop in Oban?
    The last time we where there it was closed, but everything in the window looked beautiful.
    The bookstore near by was open and we spend some time there.
    It is nice to see photo’s of places that we love and hope to see again soon!

    Hugs Yvon.

    1. hello Yvon, i don’t believe they have a shop in Oban but i could be mistaken. i did drop into a shop called “Purdies” that was close to a bookshop and it looked somewhat similar. Soap is so fantastic. i could spend a lot of money on soap!

  2. That all looks very appealing! We usually buy Caurnie’s soap – ten years ago it was the only organic soap made in Scotland that I know of anyhow. Now there is such a choice.

    1. I think Scotland is one of the best places to find organic soap. you are right, there is such a fabulous selection and they are all so amazing. i loved the video for this company; it captures the highlands so well and it made me want to buy their soap. 🙂

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