Being on Iona was a highlight of my trip to Scotland this past month.  I felt very peaceful being there and I could have stayed for days, not just hours.

St. Columba and his Irish followers founded the abbey in AD 563.   It was restored at the beginning of the 20th century and they began renovations on the  living accommodations in 1938, following the origin of the Iona Community.

Here are some of the pictures I took on the island:

The Nunnery
Parish Church
The Abbey
The Abbey
The Abbey

For information on the Abbey and admission prices, etc. please see the Historic Scotland website.


2 thoughts on “Iona

  1. Oh I long to go to Iona! I’ve never been there but I will go some day. It’s such a beautiful restoration – to think it was all going to wrack and ruin not so very long ago. You had glorious weather for your visit. Did you find out about the Iona Community while you were there?

    1. Christine, I think we should go for a visit together. that would be so much fun! maybe even stay over for a couple of days. i was very blessed with the glorious weather i had; it was perfect. and yes, i did check out the bookshop the Community has as well as the room where they meet for services.

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