Mackie’s Jubilee Ice Cream Cake

wow … get your sweet tooth ready for this one ~

a celebration cake – made of ice cream. Stripes of ice cream inside a casing of Traditional.


3 – 4 tubs of Mackie’s Ice Cream
A mixture of sweets – malteser, crunchie, marshmallow, chocolate of any shape or size..

Prep Time

15 minutes and 3 hours freezing


1 Gather your ingredients – you will need three of four flavours (different colours look good) of Mackie’s ice cream and a variety of sweets – e.g maltesers, crunchie pieces, smarties, chocolate buttons, marshmallows. For jubilee colours – remember Strawberry ice cream. You can make a blue layer by adding food colour to a tub of Traditional. Line a medium or large plastic bowl with cling film – allow the cling film to hang over the edge of the bowl as you will need it wrap it all up later. You also need a big spoon (this works better than an ice cream scoop)
2 Thaw the tubs of ice cream for about 10 minutes – or just until it begins to soften. Spoon the first flavour of ice cream into the bowl, squash it down and cover with a layer of sweets.
3 Add further layers of ice cream and sweets. For a blue layer try blue smarties or minstrels and use blue food colouring in Traditional ice cream. The last layer should be ice cream and will be the base of your cake. You might like to add biscuit for an extra base or use Chocolate ice cream which is the firmest.
4 Smooth and flatten the ice cream – this will be the base of your cake – and cover with cling film. Put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours.
5 Take out a tub of Traditional ice cream and allow it to soften. Then tip the ice cream cake out onto a plate and remove the cling film.
6 Cover the cake with the soft Traditional ice cream – it looks like icing.
7 Decorate the cake as you wish. For the jubilee cake we found freeze dried strawberry pieces and union jacks in the cake decoration aisle. This also makes an easy and very popular cake for birthday parties.
8 Slice to serve immediately or pop it back in the freezer until you are ready to eat.
ADULTS – may like to add a liqueur to the final layer – eg Baileys or Drambuie. Mackie’s new indulgent flavours are also good!


5 thoughts on “Mackie’s Jubilee Ice Cream Cake

  1. This looks incredible! There’s a wonderful tablet ice cream one of my favourite tearooms does, I don’t think it’s Mackies but it’s a superb sweet sensation. I do love Mackies ice cream mind you, with its high cream content…I can just imagine adding a bit of tablet to it…mmmm

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