Stirling Castle for Gaelic Pupils

picture from Stirling Castle Blog

Eight S1/2 pupils from Wallace High School have been part of a project by Historic Scotland to provide Gaelic students with a resource about the Castle.

The pupils have received the support of Ann Paterson (Gaelic Learning Officer, Historic Scotland) and James Halsall (Graphic Artist) and the pamphlet will now be used by P5-7 Gaelic medium pupils visiting the Castle.

More information can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Stirling Castle for Gaelic Pupils

    1. Stirling Castle is a personal favorite of mine. I really want to see it now that they have redone part of it and I’d love to see the tapestries.

      1. we were fortunate to see the ladies working on one of the tapestries last time we were at Stirling Castle in 2007. it was something I won’t forget. such devotion to small detail work. it was amazing.

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