Cycling in Shetland

I apologize for the amount of videos I have been posting recently, especially because they don’t seem to show up on my home page and you only get a white box.

However, that being said, I just keep finding some real goodies.  This is another one and it makes me want to go to Shetland.  It seems  like a place where you can get away and unwind and enjoy the scenery.

I have some friends in Shetland but it always seems so far away to pop over and see them.  Maybe I should start thinking about making the trip.



5 thoughts on “Cycling in Shetland

  1. Shetland is well worth the effort to get there, it is beautiful and calming, quiet and restful, with lovely clean air. I’ve been a number of times and would go back like a shot.

  2. No need to apologise for posting videos! I’ve wanted to go to Shetland for years. I will make it someday. Maybe I’ll just wander down to the harbour and get on that ferry – it’s the dotted line on the atlas that says “18 – 36 hours” along the route to Shetland that stops me!

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