Lemongrass and Lime Soap

Highland Soap Co.  has made a lemongrass and lime soap in a limited edition and right now, with the hot weather we’ve been having, I can’t think of a nicer way to get clean.  I am rather partial to citrus smells and I border on the obsessive when it comes to soap.  Soap tweaks my memory bank, especially if I have used it before for a special occasion.  I am still using the Grapefruit soap I got as a sample from Arran Aromatics and it reminds me of my time on Mull.

So back to the Highland Soap Co., I have been intrigued with this company and did post a video a little while back, showing a bit more about the beautiful surroundings of the Highlands where the soap is made and also some pictures of their soaps and lotions.

This particular soap is made with lemongrass and lime essential oils and shea and cocoa butters.  To order, please click here.


2 thoughts on “Lemongrass and Lime Soap

  1. Have you come across the Shetland Soap Company at all? That might interest you: http://www.shetlandsoap.co.uk/ They not only make wonderful soapy things but they also support adults with learning difficulties. They run a wonderful company in Lerwick, Shetland, but their stuff is sold all over the mainland too. Their lavender handwash is lovely.

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