Galvelbeg House B&B/Self-catering

I think it’s great when a Bed and Breakfast produces a video of their premises so you can have an all-around look at what they have to offer.  When they do, I enjoy sharing it with you as an option for when you’re touring about.  I’m not very familiar with Galvelbeg House but after watching the video, I think it would be lovely to stay there.

It’s situated in Crieff and has views over the Ochil Hills and Strathearn Valley.  The house was built in 1894 and was restored in 1992.  The shops and town centre are close by and you can have the choice of staying in the self-catering accommodation or as a bed and breakfast guest.

The website for Galvelbeg House is



4 thoughts on “Galvelbeg House B&B/Self-catering

  1. So glad you shared this video. I had looked at this, but only the self-catering apartment. The B&B is now on my short list for next year.

  2. we are looking for a centralish location to be our base. Our first trip, we moved around and it seemed we spent alot of time packing and unpacking. Right now, we are planning to spend most of our time east of Loch Ness – taking day trips to various places. Crieff is one of the areas I was looking at for a base. Will let you know if we end up here.

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