Christmas in Pitlochry

Looking for something fun to do in December?  Pitlochry Theatre is a beautiful place to spend an evening.




4 thoughts on “Christmas in Pitlochry

    1. that is so exciting! how lovely that you’ll be going. you’ll have to let me know how it is. Pitlochry has such a nice theatre. it’s fun for me to have written about something that you are actually going to. brilliant!

      1. I’m reporting back, having gone to see it at the weekend. It was great! The performers were all very good singers, not to mention versatile dancers and actors.. An excellent production, and as far as I could see, a packed house. The stage sets were particularly good, I can see why it’s had rave reviews in the local press.

      2. thanks so much for checking back in to let us know how it was. glad you enjoyed it. was it a white Christmas when you went to see it? 🙂

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