Skye Weavers


6th of December …. open house with mulled wine, minced pies and German ginger bread.  That’s how we’ll start off here.  I was so excited to find Skye Weavers with their beautiful scarves, wraps and other assorted textiles. Absolutely gorgeous work on the Isle of Skye.



Their loom is bicycle pedal-powered and they produce woollen products as well as tweed lengths and garments such as cushion covers, bags and accessories.  Roger and Andrea, who own and operate Skye Weavers, are ”passionate about the need to preserve the knowledge and quality associated with Scottish tweeds and garments”.  All the products are hand-woven and sewn on the Isle of Skye and they endeavour to use UK materials and packaging as much as possible.

In February 2012, Roger and Andrea moved from the Isle of Mull to Skye, where they set up their business in an old family croft house in Glendale.  Both of them were inspired to begin the weaving company from previous working experience on an organic farm and weaving mill on Mull.

Three important components to Skye Weavers are a bicycle pedalled loom, brought from the Isle of Lewis and previously used to make tweed; secondly, a hand-operated warping mill, built from the wheels of a Massey-Harris tractor rake and thirdly, a sewing room.



Skye Weaver’s new scarf series is inspired by the different colors of bird’s plumage and are woven from 100% pure new lambswool at a generous length of 6 feet.












Andrea says, “When we first heard of pedal looms being used on the Outer Isles to weave Harris Tweed, we were immediately intrigued.  What a great way to produce fabric: carbon neutral, clean, quiet, potentially pretty fast, and a good workout, as many people have pointed out to us.”

I haven’t seen the products first-hand but I am impressed by the quality in the photos and by their website in general.  I like that they are conscious of the environment and of preserving Scottish weaving traditions.  All the information and pictures here are from the Skye Weaver’s website.  Please drop by their site and check out all their fine products or better yet, drop by on December 6th for some mulled wine and have a look at their weaving workshop.




6 thoughts on “Skye Weavers

  1. It’s so nice that there are people keeping these traditional crafts alive, their products are beautiful. I used to dream of living on Skye and doing arty things myself for a living, it’s such an inspiring place to be.

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