Dunlop Dairy



Dunlop Dairy is at West Clerkland Farm, Dunlop Road, between the village of Dunlop and the town of Stewarton in East Ayrshire.  They make their own cheese and sell it in an attractive shop and tearoom. Perfect for somewhere to go on a day out.





A selection for lunch could include:

Home made soup
Served with crusty bread and butter
Soup and sandwich
Soup and toastie or panini
Served with salad garnish
Toasties and Paninis
Ploughman’s lunch
Crusty bread or oatcakes, served with salad, fruit, choice of our own handmade
cheeses and a DOD of homemade chutney.
Made here in the kitchen. Delicious warm, served with salad and crisps.
Open sandwich
Slice of bread topped with cheese, cold meat, or sometimes pate and a generous
covering of colourful salad and homemade coleslaw.




Upon return from Ireland many years ago, Barbara Gilmour (from nearby Hill Farm Dunlop) brought back a recipe for making cheese.  A full cream cow’s milk was used as opposed to skimmed milk and the cheese was pressed with large stones.

Dunlop Cheese, a “sweet-cream” cheese, became well-known in the West of Scotland and beyond.  Eventually, it became known as Cheshire or Wensleydale but cheese that is made in the original area around Dunlop and with milk from Ayrshire cows is known as “Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop”.   As a young cheese, it is mild and smooth with a nutty taste and as it matures, it develops a slight sharpness.




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