St Andrews and National Museum of Costume




Here’s another great Pinterest site:  St Andrews with 179 Pins and 24 Boards.


Also an announcement from the National Museum of Costume:

“National Museums Scotland has announced that the National Museum of Costume at Shambellie House, near New Abbey, Dumfries is to close.

As a consequence of the economic recession, National Museums Scotland, like many organisations in the public sector across the UK, has seen a reduction in available public funding.

The very low numbers of visitors to the National Museum of Costume along with high operational costs is no longer sustainable. In addition, the domestic layout of Shambellie House places limitations on it being used effectively as a national museum.”

For the full press release, please see here.


2 thoughts on “St Andrews and National Museum of Costume

  1. I’m one of those people who never made it to Shambellie House, but not for want of trying. I deliberately went to New Abbey one day when I was holidaying near Dumfries, and looked all over for a sign directing me to the museum, to no avail. I drove and walked through New Abbey itself (nice little place, lovely buildings, but a bit of a rat run for cars), and then I drove beyond the village thinking it might be somewhere on the outskirts. Perhaps if they’d signposted it better they’d have had more visitors! It is a shame though, because I had it personally recommended as a great place to visit.

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