Knitting a peerie flooers hat



Kate Davies Designs has the most beautiful knitted hat.  I looked for a place to click to reblog the article but I couldn’t find it so I am going to have to do this the old fashioned way and provide a link.


“peerie flooers” means “little flowers” in Shetland dialect and that’s what is knitted into this delightful hat.


Please check out the link and there are some instructions on what you will need to knit this project.


5 thoughts on “Knitting a peerie flooers hat

  1. Have been a fan of Kate Davies for a while now. Have knitted her Owl jumper and Owlet jumper. Hope to have a go at one of her fair isle patterns in the future.

  2. I think Kate Davies is a very gifted designer. And I also admire her hugely for writing so honestly about her stroke and her recovery. Her blog is really good – lots of photos of Scottish scenes!

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