Lots to talk about

Willow Tea Rooms

Eat Scottish
Eat Scottish





Please check out my Twitter feed for some exciting events  and updates.

“Teen Canteen” with students from Linlithgow Academy providing a pop-up takeaway with wonderful healthy produce next week.  Have a look at that if you’re in the area.

Lots to do at Stirling and Edinburgh Castles over Easter, especially with the children.

The Guid Cheese Shop in St Andrews having a nice night out, tasting a number of delicious cheeses.

The Willow Tea Rooms – an article on the possibility it may have to close.

Edinburgh Castle has a new blog.

I would have liked to write about them all but Twitter is helping me out because if you click on the links, it will take you to websites for more information.  Happy Reading!

(oh dear, I just realized that as I add new tweets, they will move  these links off my Twitter feed to the left of this page.  Therefore, if you’d like to find them, please have a wander over to my Twitter page and you’ll find them there).



St Andrews
St Andrews

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