Barry Mill


Barry Mill Duck Race


Barry Mill is located 2.5 miles northwest of Carnoustie and is an A-listed mill, one of Scotland’s few mills still operating today and it also provides an opportunity to see how grain used to be milled. It is a National Trust for Scotland property and more information can be found here.



6 thoughts on “Barry Mill

  1. Why haven’t I been here? I would get in free as a member of the NTS, and it’s not far from where I live. I don’t think I’ll go at Easter but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  2. happy to have been of assistance. I think it sounds like an interesting place to visit and well, the duck race just sounds like a lot of fun. how is your weather there? do you think the ducks will be able to flow down the burn?

    1. I don’t know how the weather was at Barry Mill, but I know there was a duck race in Kinloch Rannoch up in the north-west of Perthshire and they had to smash the ice to allow the ducks to drift down the river. Two stalwart ladies of the community were up to their thighs in icy water making sure the ducks got through!

      1. That is a priceless story. I love it! Pretty crazy that they had to smash the ice but good for them for doing it. Thanks, Lorna. 🙂

  3. I only heard about Barry Mill a few days ago, reading my NTS magazine. Like Lorna, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t known about it and been there. Maybe a trip for the future. I remember seeing a duck race like that years ago at a kind of rural life outdoor museum when our children were small. It was hilarious!

  4. lol, yes, I can imagine it must be quite a sight. I wrote a blog post about another duck race, I think it was in Edinburgh … I should look it up.

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