Knitting as a child

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I remember learning how to knit in primary school as a child.  Knitting was also in my family so I had tuition from others as well but I do remember tackling the knitting needles as a youngster, together with the rest of my class.  I’m trying to remember if the boys did knitting too or if it was a strictly girls-only activity.  I may be really dating myself mentioning this but I also remember working on stitching on a piece of lovely ecru cloth with somewhat large holes, making ex’s and dashes, etc.  It was good fun and a nice break from reading, writing and arithmetic.

I read today of a school class from Whalsay, the 6th largest of the Shetland islands and how they came for a visit to Jamieson and Smith.  Here’s the blog post where you can have a read all about it.  I found it quite interesting.  It is aptly called “Shetland’s Knitwear’s Future”.


4 thoughts on “Knitting as a child

  1. Your reminiscences reminded me that I learned to sew at primary school, but I don’t remember doing knitting anywhere other than at home. Great to see the knitting youngsters from Whalsay. It’s wonderful that they’re keeping up the old traditions and will perhaps be making beautiful knits with Shetland patterns in adulthood. There’s a recently opened shop in Blairgowrie that sells vintage, craft and upcycled goods and I noticed the other day that they’re advertising sewing and puppet making classes for children after school. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do knitting, too.

    1. That is interesting that you also learnt sewing at school. I think it’s lovely that the shop in Blairgowrie is willing to run sewing and puppet making for kids after school. I hope some children take the classes.

  2. I went to school in Scotland and yes we were taught knitting from a very early age. In progression we were taught to make, and made, a coathanger cover, mittens and socks . . yes socks, they were made in the last year of primary school. The boys had to do knitting too but I seem to remember that they stopped after they had done a coathanger cover. The coathanger cover had one half in garter stitch and the other half in stocking stitch.
    For sewing we made a lap bag and an apron in readiness for home science in high school.

    1. oh, I remember making mittens too! I’d forgotten about that. I don’t know if I was ever advanced enough to make socks but that would be handy to know. I remember making an apron as well. it’s a long time ago but good memories.

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