The Corinthian Club

Scotland 2013 Expo 022


We began our tour to Arran and the West Coast of Scotland at the Corinthian Club, a truly magnificent venue situated in downtown Glasgow.

The architecture is something to behold and while I was trying to acquaint myself with the remainder of the group, I confess I was  wondering how I could possibly get a decent amount of photos of the room we were having lunch in.


Scotland 2013 Expo 023


David Hamilton built the building in 1842 on the site of the 18th Century Virginia Mansion.  It was very elaborately decorated by renown architects, artists and artisans including James Salmon (Sr.), John Thomas and James Ballantine.

It was originally used for the Glasgow Ship Bank and in 1929, it was converted to judiciary courts, when the interiors were hidden behind false walls and ceilings.

G1 Group restored the building in 1999, including the reconstruction of Roman Doric and fantastic classical architecture.


Scotland 2013 Expo 025Scotland 2013 Expo 034

The venue is set up for anything as simple as a quiet lunch while out shopping to weddings and large corporate events.  It houses a Brasserie, 5 bars, 7 event spaces, a Casino and Club, all over 14 rooms and 5 floors.




We were served a very tasty lunch there and I had a breast of chicken supreme, with black pudding mash, baby carrots and a mustard sauce.  The mustard set the chicken off nicely and the black pudding mash was delicious.


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