Scenery of Arran

Scotland 2013 Expo 085



I was fortunate enough to spend a day and a half on the lovely isle of Arran.  Arran is the largest island in the Firth of Clyde and  is the 7th largest Scottish island.  It is known as “Scotland in Minature” because of the varying landscapes encompassed by the island.

We made a number of stops around Arran and I was going to highlight them all here but once I started loading the pictures, I realized I think this will have to be a two-parter because there is just too much to cover in one post.

Some of the photos are taken from the bus so they may be a bit blurry but I’m hoping they still give you an idea of some of the scenery.  Eric, our driver from Rabbie’s, and Maggie, our tour guide were very helpful and accommodating, as more than once we needed to pull over for a photo op or we had questions about where we were or what something was.

These pictures are of our visit to the Isle of Arran Distillery, our lunch and tour of Kinloch Hotel at Blackwaterfoot as well as some photos of the scenery along the coast.

I wrote down some thoughts as we toured Arran:  peaceful, sound of seagulls, calmness, the wind and the sea.  “We leave Arran today and I have to confess it has won a place in my heart.  Arran has spun a web around me.  It is a delicious place to be.  There is something very special about it.”

I definitely want to go back.



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6 thoughts on “Scenery of Arran

  1. I’ve barely touched the skirts of Arran (I once stopped off for lunch in a little cove while I was on a sailing holiday) but I’d love to see it properly. Your shots of the sea make me yearn for it! Every one of Scotland’s islands has its own magic and I know that for many people Arran is a real favourite.

    1. Would definitely recommend a trip there. I agree with you, Scotland’s islands are fabulous. I’ve only been to a couple but I would love to see some more.

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