Hebrides – Harris


9 thoughts on “Hebrides – Harris

  1. Wow! That really does capture, in an enhanced way, what the West side of Harris is like. We stayed there for a week every year for 15 years. These views are very, very familiar – though I’ve never seen the Northern Lights while staying on Harris. Can’t wait to go back! Thanks for that, Alison.

  2. Lovely photos and what a gorgeous setting! I can appreciate the talent because my own daughter and son-in-law are wedding photographers themselves.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the wee video, Harris is a truly remarkable place 🙂
    I fell in love with Harris on my first visit in June last year, I have been back four times since

    My amazing mum died suddenly just two weeks before that particular trip.
    I found so much peace, solitude and solice just sitting out watching the northern lights, something I will never ever forget.

    I still have sand in my trainers from a walk along Luskentyre beach in May this year, it makes me want to go back to paradise island for a re-fill 🙂

  4. how lovely to hear from you, Mo. I am sorry to hear about your Mum and from your video, I can see how Harris would be a peaceful place to be. The music is fantastic on the video and seems to capture the mood of the islands so very well. I have heard much about Luskentyre beach and I hope to visit there some day. Thanks again for your wonderful portrayal of Harris. I appreciate the follow and I’ve added you on Twitter.

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