Summer Reading

A History of Scotland Neil Oliver


Jack Whyte The Renegade


I’m not sure where the summer has gone. We’re half-way done and a week into August already.  Crazy.

We’re at that part of the summer when it’s very warm and I am either lethargic or if I do have to get something done, I can become quite grumpy.  Comes from being fair-skinned and loving the cold weather more than the warm.  Oh well, it doesn’t last long and usually by the end of August, there are some lovely evening breezes.

My apologies for a bit of lazy blogging as I have not been doing much writing but mostly posting some fabulous videos from around Scotland.  I really do appreciate the talented people who put together the videos and during my summer hiatus here, it’s lovely to be able to post a few for you.

All that being said, I have managed to read a few books.  I’ve been learning a bit about the 1800’s and 1900’s in Scotland  and about industrialization.  I watched Neil Oliver’s “History of Scotland” and then I read the last part of his book on this era.  I have always been a bit of a medieval Scotland buff but I’m looking forward to doing some more reading on the social history of industrialization and of emigration to North America.

I also just bought Jack Whyte’s “The Renegade” which I am planning on reading next.  I don’t know too much about it but I will keep you posted.

Happy summer to you all !

Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading

    1. cheers, Lorna. I find it a treat to buy a new book and to look forward to opening it. It’s a bit like buying some wool that you really like and anticipating starting to knit it up into something. I quite liked the picture too … I thought it was very summery.

  1. I only saw a couple of episodes of The History of Scotland and they were both very good. I always seem to forget when watching a series to make sure I watch the next episode and when I remember that it is on the series is usually finished, as it was in this case. I will need to get a copy of the book.
    I will be interested to hear your thoughts on The Renegade.

    1. I am like you in that I usually forget it’s on or just find something else I need to be doing. Fortunately, we can record shows automatically and then I can watch them later or sometimes the episodes are online. The book is quite good. It’s well-written and an enjoyable read.

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