Scottish on-line magazines

I get excited at some of the great notifications I receive from various organizations and magazines.  Here are a few I was reading today.


Made in Scotland magazine – celebrating Scottish creations, people and places.




News from Shetland’s Creative Scene – meet artists inspired by Shetland’s heritage and environment.




and lastly, a great resource for finding out what’s on around Glasgow … People Make Glasgow.




5 thoughts on “Scottish on-line magazines

  1. ah tres bien my friend. I also heard there is a Jack Vettriano exhibit coming to Kelvingrove late September. That would be fabulous to see, especially in the setting of the art gallery there.

    1. have you seen this being sold in shops, Lorna? I know it is fairly new and they are trying to get it more widely-known. I’ve only been able to see it on-line but, like yourself, I think it’s a great idea and I wish them all the best.

      1. I think I have seen it in a shop, but I’ve also seen it online so I’m not sure if I might be confusing things. I think it was the first edition I saw, and I seem to remember picking it up and flicking through it, but maybe I imagined that.

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