Jack Whyte’s “The Renegade”

Jack Whyte The Renegade


I  have just finished reading this national bestseller and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical storytelling.  At close to 800 pages, it kept me busy for a few weeks and it is full of intrigue, statecraft and knights. There is not a lot of battling or fighting in this book although there is some.  It is a story of Robert the Bruce as he grows up in England and it’s the story of his life, including his marriage and his relationship with his father and his grandfather. It also focuses on Edward I and young Bruce’s allegiance to the King of England.  The book covers the reign of the Balliol’s and Comyn’s and the results of their leadership.  Overall, a very good and worthwhile read.


2 thoughts on “Jack Whyte’s “The Renegade”

    1. I was thinking the same thing as I read it. There would have been a lot of research for the story. 800 pages is quite a lot of writing. I didn’t feel it was too long either; it was a very enjoyable book.

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