Behind the scenes with Katie Morag

I have always been intrigued with the books of Mairi Hedderwick, telling the stories of young Katie Morag and her family and community.

The BBC have created a 26-part series (all 15 minutes long), based on the stories.  Here is a little background on the characters and the Isle of Lewis, where they filmed the series.




11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes with Katie Morag

  1. I also love the Katie Morag books and a funny thing happened to me recently. I noticed that BBC iplayer (which, sadly, I don’t think you can access outside the UK) had the TV series available. I watched an episode and recognised the chap who plays Neilly Beag. I haven’t seen him for many years now but Angus Peter Campbell is a friend of my parents’ and a Gaelic poet of some note. I had no idea he went in for acting so it was quite strange to see him popping up in a TV show. I was also surprised by how true to the books the TV series is, they’ve done a great job (although, for me, nothing beats Mairi Hedderwick’s evocative drawings).

    1. yes Lorna, you are right, her drawings are fabulous. I thought the wee girl who plays Katie was quite true to the book. how funny that would be to see someone you know on TV when you weren’t expecting it. very nice.

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