Dovecot Studios Viewing

01 weaving floor


10 Infirmary Street

0131 550 3660

Excerpt from the Dovecot Studios Newsletter:
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Viewing Balcony
Open Mon – Sat from 12noon – 3pm. Free

The Viewing Balcony is open to the public daily to view the Weaving Studio below, as well as having a curated and ever changing collection of Dovecot tapestries and rugs around the walls.

Currently on the loom is Alison Watt’s Butterfly, Scottish Opera has commissioned prominent artist Alison Watt to create a new design for a major new tapestry being woven in collaboration with Dovecot weavers. The completed tapestry will hang over sweeping new walls connecting the old Theatre Royal with new foyer spaces currently under construction in Glasgow. The project is being led by Dovecot Master Weaver Naomi Robertson and will be the first full scale tapestry project junior weaver Freya Sewell will have the opportunity to weave following the completion of her 3 year apprenticeship training.

For more information on Alison Watt’s “Butterfly” tapestry, please see here.


02 tapestry studios


2 thoughts on “Dovecot Studios Viewing

    1. it is gorgeous, isn’t it? I think they have Royal Scottish National Orchestra concerts there too. It would be a lovely setting for music as well as tapestries. You are right to say that it would be an honour to be commissioned. Imagine having someone ask you to creatively represent their organization or event … amazing.

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