Glasgow School of Art

words fail me … such a terrible loss.


Statement from Muriel Gray, Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Glasgow School of Art:

“Today is a really black one for the GSA, but I cannot thank the fire brigade enough for the speed with which they came and their commitment to contain and extinguish the fire.  Fortunately there have been no fatalities or injuries.

I am so proud of the staff and students and how everyone has pulled together. We are thankful to all the Glaswegians who turned up to comfort students and to friends from across the world for their messages of support.”


For photos of the School, please see here.


9 thoughts on “Glasgow School of Art

  1. So very, very sad. Our family has been talking about the importance of the building, the possible loss of all the students’ work (tomorrow was the judging of the final year art shows) – but against all that, the fact that no-one was hurt.

  2. Better news today – having put out the fire, the fire service said that “more than 90% of the structure was viable and they had protected up to 70% of the contents”. So there is hope!

  3. Dreadful news. Glad to hear it was not as bad as first thought but still no doubt many wonderful iconic pieces will have been lost.

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