Today was a day of rest.  Rest is good but unfortunately I’ve been getting up every morning and instantly switching on my mental to-do list.

It didn’t begin as a day of rest.  I slept in and was awoken abruptly, jumping into action as I needed to be out in 15 minutes, no breakfast – never a good thing, spent a couple of hours running around town dropping off library books, buying more moving boxes from the hardware shop, visiting my favorite British sweet shop and chatting with the owner, getting gas for the car and by the time I got home, I was so tired.  I debated whether to tackle the rest of my list or go for a sleep.  Sleep won out and 4 hours past by before I emerged from a much-needed nap.  Tonight will be spent not on the wading through paperwork and making more lists but in being quiet and still.

I am thinking there is much hope for tomorrow to be more productive and hopefully less weary.

Thanks Mo for making such fabulous videos.  I particularly appreciated this one today.


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